About the WPA

Agency History
The Watershed Protection Agency (WPA) is an agency within the Public Health and Community Services Agency of Schuyler County. It was created in 1973 by the Schuyler County Legislature as an offshoot of the Schuyler County Watershed Department.

The original Watershed Department was created by the legislature to provide consistent and adequate disposal and treatment of wastewater generated from homes and other facilities not on a public sewer system, providing countywide consistency, in an effort to protect public health and protect the water quality of our many lakes and streams.

Agency Responsibilities
The WPA is charged with the implementation of the Schuyler County Watershed Protection Law, last updated in 1994. In order to best serve the community, the WPA works cooperatively with the NYS Department of Health Hornell District Office, local code enforcement officers, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and many other local organizations.

While working to maintain and achieve the original objective of 1973, the WPA has grown to also include water quality monitoring services, property transfer inspections, Lamoka-Waneta Lakes Wastewater Treatment Inspection Program, public education, and is a valuable local resource for environmental health issues. In addition, the WPA responds to general public health nuisance complaints, including but not limited to, garbage and refuse removal, illicit discharges, and other offensive materials.