What does SCCUDD do?

As a Drug-Free Communities Support Grant recipient, SCCUDD works to increase community collaboration and reduce youth substance use by employing the Seven Strategies for Effective Community Change:

  • Providing Information to individuals regarding youth substance use, how to prevent youth substance use, and the consequences of youth substances use.
    • Examples of activities include: flyers, media campaigns, and events
  • Enhancing Skills by training community members so they can better help create change in the community.
    • Examples of activities include: server compliance or parenting skills trainings
  • Providing Support to help people participate in activities that reduce risk or enhance protection.
    • Examples of activities include: drug-free events or parties and youth organizations
  • Enhancing Access and Reducing Barriers by improving systems and processes to help people utilize services.
    • Examples of activities include: prescription drug takeback programs and improved access to substance use services
  • Changing Consequences by changing incentives and disincentives to increase or decrease the likelihood of positive or negative behaviors.
    • Examples of activities include: recognition programs and increased DUI checkpoints
  • Changing Physical Design by altering the built environment to reduce risk or enhance protection.
    • Examples of activities include: improving visibility in public places to make surveillance easier and having alcohol- and tobacco-free zones
  • Modifying and Changing Policies by formally altering written laws, policies, and procedures.
    • Examples of activities include: revising school policies relating to alcohol and other drug use and changing local laws relating to alcohol and other drug use



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6. What does SCCUDD do?