Water Project


Odessa tests the Village water 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Our water passes all Department of Health tests and is clean water.  The water lines in question are the original water lines installed in 1938.  They are old iron pipes lined with cement that is probably falling off of the pipes causing the high iron content and discoloration.  There are absolutely NO HEALTH CONCERNS .


To solve the water issue throughout the Village to ensure all residents have good water not affected by the old water lines.

Steps Taken:

1. ‚Äč Original Grant work completed on-line was deleted by an unknown person. I will find out who did it. Thus, the Village is forced to start the Grant process over with a new engineer.  We have contacted and are meeting with an engineer on April 24th to set things in motion.

2.  We have discussed the financing of the repairs with Municipal Bond Solutions and the Village is in excellent financial positions to enter into a new bond to do the repairs once we have an engineering design.