Investigations completed by the Schuyler County Probation Department provide valuable information regarding criminal or family court cases that assist judges and attorneys in deciding how to proceed with an individual’s case before sentencing or final disposition. Investigations include a person’s criminal history, details of the current incident, the arresting officer’s statement, the defendant’s statement, their social history, substance abuse issues and treatment possibilities, victim information related to the incident and restitution that may be sought. An investigation will inform the court as to what sentences/dispositions an individual may be eligible for, such as prison or jail, probation, a placement facility, a conditional discharge, adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, fines, restitution, community service, substance abuse treatment or mental health services or a combination of any of those thereof. The investigation will also include a recommendation from the probation department as to what sentence the investigating officer feels would best benefit the community as well as the defendant based on the compilation of information that has been gathered.