Schuyler County Office for the Aging

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The Schuyler County Office for the Aging was established as a result of the Older Americans Act of 1965 with the core function being provision of information / referrals and services for county residents age 60 and over, as well as their caregivers.

With the addition of NY Connects, individuals of any age with a disability are served as well. A variety of programs are offered through nutrition services, in-home services, benefits assistance and general services. Although the office assists anyone over the age of 60, there is an emphasis on meeting the needs of our low income minority elderly population as well as those with disabilities.

We welcome you to peruse through our site and read about the various programs and services offered. Please call us to discuss specific needs or for clarification in any area.

This office is funded by Schuyler County, the New York State Office for the Aging, the Older Americans Act and participant contributions.

Mission Statement

To advocate for, educate and assist the senior and disabled populations of Schuyler County to live in the most independent and integrated setting through community collaboration providing for well-being/health, security, dignity, autonomy and choice through innovative home and community-based services.

Translation Services

Attention - Atención - 注意 - Hinweis - Attenzione

 Schuyler County Office for the Aging offers interpretation service for more than 200 languages. To inquire about our agencies services for the aging at no cost to you, please call (607) 535-7108.

 La Oficina de la Tercera Edad del Condado de Schuyler (Schuyler County Office for the Aging) ofrece servicios de interpretación en más de 200 idiomas. Para averiguar sobre los servicios de nuestras agencias sin costo para las personas mayores, llame al (607) 535-7108.

 Schuyler County Office for the Aging 提供 200 多個語種的口譯服務。若要免費詢問有關我們為老年人提供的服務,請致電 (607) 535-7108。

 Das Schuyler County Office for the Aging bietet Dolmetschdienste für mehr als 200 Sprachen an. Informationen über unsere Dienstleistungen für Menschen im höheren Alter erhalten Sie kostenlos über die Rufnummer (607) 535-7108.

 L’Ufficio per la terza età (Office for the Aging) della Schuyler County offre servizi di interpretariato in oltre 200 lingue. Per informazioni su come ottenere gratuitamente i servizi per la terza età, chiamare il numero (607) 535-7108.